• Metal Decorating Ink
  • Can Coating
    For 3pcs can (General/Food/Beverage), 2pcs can (General/Food/Beverage)
    Aluminium tube/Pail/Cap/END
    • Finishing Varnish (Solvent base, Water base), Mat Varnish/ Texture Varnish
    • White coating (Solvent type, Water base)
    • Inside & Outside Lacquer (Solvent, Water base)
    • Sizing (Solvent base)
  • Industrial Coating
    • Dip coating (White and Clear); strapping
    • Coil & Tab coating (White, Clear) both solvent and water base); Electric appliance, Roof
    • Spray inside lacquer (Solvent base); Packaging
    • Industrial Resin; MST acrylic resin
    • Gypsum Board Coating
    • Special grade; UV coating, Fast dry coating