June 19, 2015

The Kaizen & 3Rs Award 2015 part 1

 5 teams presented their projects on the Kaizen & 3 Rs.  The final winner was The QC RANGER from Gravure unit, whose theme was "Reduce operation time of GC (Gas Chromatography)".


SEA Regional Meeting

The Safety Week (2nd)

The TOYOINK Football League

The Bank Of Thailand

The Asalha Bucha Day & The Buddhist Lent Day


The Chulalongkorn University Visit

The National Safety Week

The Kaizen & 3Rs Award 2015 part 1

The First Aid and CPR Training

The Safety Week

The Visakha Bucha

The Scholarships for the Children

The Chemical Management Training

The Emergency Drill

The Songkran Festival

The Security Guard Training

The Fire Drill

The Company Trip 2015

The Training Nurse Visit

The New Year Party